1. “Covered Person” shall mean any individual who is entitled to benefits under a Payor Benefit Plan.

  2. “Covered Services” shall mean those non-emergent medical transportation services rendered to a Covered Person which are covered under the terms of a Payor Benefit Plan.

  3. “CMN Payor Agreement” shall mean an agreement between CMN and a Payor whereby CMN agrees to arrange for certain transportation services to Covered Persons.

  4. “Participating Providers” shall mean the Network of all providers, including Provider hereunder, who have entered into participation agreements with CMN.

  5. “Payor” shall mean a health plan, governmental entity or other entity liable for paying benefits under a Payor Benefit Plan, which has entered into an agreement whereby CMN will provide or arrange for the provision of Covered Services to its Covered Persons.

  6. “Payor Benefit Plan” shall mean a governmental program, health plan, or other contract, which describes the obligations of a Payor to provide Covered Services to Covered Persons.

  7. “Services” shall mean all non-emergent medical transportation services normally and routinely offered by Provider to its clients, regardless of Payor, including taxi, wheelchair transport, assisted transport, BLS, ALS, and CCT, as the case may be.