NMN Wants to Highlight Drivers!!

We want to highlight your drivers! Read below, to see how your drivers can become an NMN highlighted drivers! 

We have created this page to highlight individual drivers or providers that are setting the standard for what exceptional member experiences should be, every time. Join us in celebrating and highlighting our commitment to the ultimate member experience by thinking of a driver in your organization, and then, submit the highlight by clicking on the link HERE.

Every day, National Medtrans’ provider network is doing amazing things for our members and we take pride in our providers and their hard work! We often have experiences or hear stories that make us say “WOW!”  We call these experiences WOW! Experiences.

A WOW! Experience is a driver that always goes beyond the average in giving exceptional member service.  They are safe.  They are dependable.  They are personable.  They have given “white glove” service to the member.  They are those that go beyond what is asked or expected of them.  They are great drivers and represent your organization and National Medtrans by giving service that WOWs! our members.

We don’t want these experiences to go unnoticed and need your help! 

We want each organization to submit at least one (1) driver highlight each week, and together, we can celebrate and recognize our drivers!  All awards will be sent to your organization to be present by you to the highlighted driver(s).  Your drivers deserve this and will love the recognition.  See below how NMN will recognize the highlighted drivers.   

NMN wants to recognize and reward driver WOW! Experiences in the following way:

Weekly Highlights:

  • There will be four highlights each month.  Each highlighted driver will be featured on the company website and will also be given a $50 gift card!

Monthly Highlights:

  • One of the four weekly WOW! Provider Experience highlights for the current month will be selected as the Monthly Highlight, and will be featured on the NMN website and awarded an additional $100 gift card!!
  • In addition to the $100 gift card, the monthly highlight will also receive a NMN WOW! Box with a value of $50.
  • That’s a total of $200 if you are chosen as the monthly highlight!

Our goal is to share more of what you and your drivers are doing daily to make member experiences amazing!  In return, we want to recognize and award those experiences that make us say WOW!

Have you heard of a recent experience?  If so, please share by clicking the link HERE!

You can read about this month’s, and prior months, driver WOW! Experience highlights, by clicking HERE!