FRANCES SmartSolutions



Dispatches providers based on the member’s profile. Matches things like assistive devices, language, and preferred MOT with the provider capabilities.


A technology architecture that connects all stakeholders into one platform in real-time.  Everyone has access to the same data for heightened transparency. Scaleable, and configures based on role.


Provider claims, provider payments, trip authorizations and attestations are all handled online through the same portal, increasing claim payment accuracy and reducing costs.


Continuously learning technology that adds to a member’s profile as they call in. We learn more about their needs and more closely match their profiles to those of the transportation providers who serve them.


Detailed controls related to mileage, mode of transportation management, authorizations, etc.  All of which are easy to configure and track to ensure that costs are kept down and that the member’s benefit is administered correctly.


Utilizes scheduling controls such as mileage limitations, approved destinations, and in-network designated providers to increase trip scheduling accuracy and decrease instances of fraud, waste, and abuse.


Customizable ability to create queues for member associated tasks (authorizations, discharges, future appointments, follow-up visits), in order to close gaps in customer service, clinical outcomes and patient care.


Set reminders and notifications based on the preferences in member’s profiles, as well as provide detailed entrance and parking locations for pick-up and drop-off.  Frances SmartAlerts also include upcoming trip alerts, clinical care reminders, and ETA tracking.


Profiles transportation providers through the credentialing process, logging information such as MOT, spoken language, and the capacity to handle various assistive devices and aids (such as wheelchairs and service animals.)


Alerts the care management team if any member misses a critical appointment, and assigns a task for the team to follow up with them. This enables care coordinators to better manage the well-being of their patients, avoiding trips to the emergency room, and saving money.


Real-time management dashboards that provide the ability to proactively manage all aspects of member transportation.


Cancelled trips automatically go into SmartExchange where providers can select and complete available trips.  Increases healthy competition, improves quality scores, and eliminate urgent trip rescheduling due to cancelations.

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