Contact our Network Development Team

Fill out the form to get started.  Once you’re in touch with our Network Development team, they’ll walk you through the process, step by step.

Quick and Simple Credentialing Process

Upload and track your documents and credentialing status online through our Provider Portal.  You’ll be kept in constant contact with our credentialing team to answer any questions you have during the process.

We want to meet you!

Once you’re contracted and credentialed, we’ll do a quick on-site visit to get to know you, your drivers, and your vehicles.

Download the App and Drive.

Download the application to your phone to get started!  You can view your schedule, chat with the members you’ll be driving, and complete claims and attestations all through the mobile app.

Pick the trips that work for you.

With National MedTrans’ Provider Marketplace.  Need trips for a certain area or time slot?  Log in to our Provider Portal to access extra trips to round out your coverage and ensure that itineraries are always full.

Mobile Functionality

Trip requests, appointment reminders, and real-time tracking of locations and arrival times are all available through our smartphone app.  This app also features a rating system for your drivers that feeds directly into our SmartDispatch system.  Better service equals higher trip volume!

Join the Network

It only takes one form to get the process started.  You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

State-Specific Trainings and Resources

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