March 2017 Provider WOW Experience


Brandon is our March highlight driver for the month!  He is a driver for Executive Limousine in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He's been with the company just under a year, and so far, loves his career as a driver.  

While on a recent trip to pick up a member in the rural outskirts of Las Vegas, Brandon made sure he was able to plan the trip in advance by viewing his route, reviewing the member notes for special handling, and departing well in advance so he'd have ample to time find the members place of residence.

Brandon is a natural when it comes to member service.  Upon picking up the member, Brandon parked safely and assisted the member in getting personal belonging into the car.  The member noted this personalized service and commented on Brandon's courtesy.   Brandon always makes an effort to ask and insure of members comfort.  His interest in those he transports makes conversation flow and is often a compliment Brandon gets from members as each enjoys the friendly interaction. 

Mostly for Brandon though, is insuring that the members trip is completed with safety.  He's always attentive to speed limits and allowing enough time to make connections from pick up, drop off, and return trips.

Brandon, it's so great to have you in our network!  We appreciate all you do for our members!  Congratulations on being NMN's March provider of the month!