May 2017 Highlight of the Month


Lisette has been with the Sandy office since April. An elderly member recently called in and spoke with Lisette. This member was having trouble remembering and reading the information Lisette needed. Lisette didn't lose her patience and made the member feel extremely comfortable while she communicated the details of her trip. The member said "Lisette was so wonderful, very helpful, and patient with me. I think she is simply pleasant and she's an asset to your company. I'm glad I got to talk with her today. She's a really sweet girl." Lisette allowed this member to express herself without judgement and made her feel appreciated and valued in our company by showing compassion and patience with a member who was struggling with information. Lisette was able to show the member she could rely on NMN to provide empathetic service. 

Congratulations to Lisette, our May WOW! Experience Highlight of the Month.