WEB PORTAL ATTESTATION REQUIREMENT


Dear participating provider,

Thank you all for your patience, input, and support as we rolled out our new web portal for all trip dispatching and billing functions.  Additionally, we want to thank you all for your support as we implemented a large new client with limited trip history data that caused a lot of confusion during the initial weeks of implementation.  

As of June 1st, 2016 NMN is requiring all trips be "attested" using our web portal in place of sending paper invoices for all payers EXCEPT Centerlight Pace. Paper invoices will no longer be utilized to process billing requests.

For all dates of service through May 31st, 2016 NMN will still be accepting paper invoices however, all trips attested through our web portal will receive priority and you can expect to be paid 14 - 21 days sooner by electronically attesting.  

Any trips found in the web portal that are attested and have not been completed please email a detailed list of these trips to

Thank you for your participation in the NMN network!


National MedTrans Network Provider Relations Tea