October 2016 WOW! Highlight of the Month

Mady .png

Mady has been with our Ronkonkoma office since March 2015 . A couple weeks ago a member called the Director of PACE and expressed concerns about getting to an important appointment last Saturday afternoon. The member let the Director know that she was thinking of disenrolling in the plan for various reasons. NMN asked that the member give them a chance to change her mind. Mady was asked to set up the trip and follow up with the vendor the day before (Friday). Not only did Mady follow up Friday, but she also called the Provider on Saturday morning to confirm the member was going to be picked up and was physically in the vehicle. Mady does not work on Saturday's and did this from home! She then texted the Director of PACE to let her know the member was picked up and on her way to he appointment!

Mady went ompletely ut of her wa, on her own time to ensure this member got to her important medical appointmen!

Congratulations to Mady for being our WOW! Highlight of the Month!