The Leader In PACE Transportation Management

The Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly "PACE"  is turning heads nationally for it's ability to both decrease costs and increase member satisfaction.  Since 2013 NMN has managed the transportation program for the largest PACE program in the Country in one of the most complex markets.  


Transportation Experience Managers "TEMS"

NMN's client had a problem... they wanted to maintain control over the member experience and not "outsource" the transportation management but at the same time wanted leverage the many tools NMN could offer to increase efficiency, member satisfaction with transportation and manage costs.  Together NMN and the PACE program worked to together to create the TEM position and imbed 13 of them in each of the client's 13 PACE sites.  Our TEM's manage the following member and driver functions:

  • Daily check in and door to door hand off of the member
  • Driver training, protocol compliance and driver recognition 
  • Route development (group rides) and coordination 
  • Daily medical trip coordination 
  • Grievance management 

Customizable Driver Training Program 

PACE is a incredibly unique program and as a result needs a unique driver training and compliance program.  NMN works with it's client to develop the P & P's, using our already robust toolkit as a starting point and then our TEM's implement the training, compliance and recognition programs.  At the same time our customizable business rules engine that is embedded in our proprietary dispatching system systematically guarantees only drivers who have successfully completed our rigid training program can be provision to transport your members.  

  • Both Classroom and Online Programs
  • Culturally Competency
  • FWA
  • Senior Sensitivity
  • National PACE Training Manual 
  • Onsite Wheelchair Van and Livery Training 
  • Communicating With Members who Suffer From Dementia 
  • Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning
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Wheelchair Van Fleet.jpg

Provider Contracting, Claim Adjudication and Expense Management

Transportation is a double edged sword for PACE programs as it is critical for the programs success but it can become costly very quickly.  NMN's platform has been designed to manage complex contract arrangements to ensure PACE programs can garner the best possible value based pricing from underlying transportation vendors.  Our robust provider portal allows providers to quickly and easily see their routes, electronically bill for completed services and manage their claim payments.  

  • Group Ride Administration 
    • Tiered and fixed cost pricing structures
  • Livery Door to Door service vs Standard Livery
  • Medical vs DHC Trips
  • Quality Bonus Payments and Administration
  • Driver Incentive Administration  

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