We are doing great things every day here at NMN, and take pride in our employees and their hard work! We often have experiences or hear stories that make us say "WOW!"

We don’t want these experiences to go unnoticed and have created this page to highlight individuals in our organization that are setting the standard for what exceptional member experiences should be, each and every time.

Join us in celebrating our commitment to the ultimate member experience and read about this month's, and prior month's, member experience highlights!


Highlight of the Week

Destiny has been with the Sandy office since April 201. She recently worked on a trip for a member from a pilot program that we are currently doing. The pilot offers temporary housing for those who need it. This particular member and his family needed a place to stay because their home had burned down. She spent over 5 hours going back and forth with our client services team, the case manager, the member, the member's daughter, and the driver to ensure this was handled well. She refused to let the member and his family be left in the dark about their living situation. When the address seemed incorrect, she verified repeatedly with the case manager that was where they needed to be. When they couldn't find their amenities, she called the case manager, yet again, to get in touch with the property manager to get information to them. 

Destiny went above and beyond for this member. She prevented service failure and secured the family's housing for the night. She was empathetic, passionate, and dedicated to this member and their issues.


Congratulations to Destiny for being our WOW! Experience Highlight of the Week.

October 2017 Highlight of the Month

IMG_3117 (1).jpg

Chase has been with our Sandy office since September 2017. He recently had 6 WOW!s submitted in one day! Each of these calls were routine calls from members to set up transportation or to ask questions about their benefits. All of the members asked to speak to Chase's supervisor once their call was finished. Some of the words that members used to describe Chase were "patient, kind, personable, warm, welcoming, and outgoing." One member said that she "didn't feel like she was scheduling a trip and that she felt extremely confident in Chase".

Congratulations to Chase, our September WOW! Experience Highlight of the Month.