We are doing great things every day here at NMN, and take pride in our employees and their hard work! We often have experiences or hear stories that make us say "WOW!"

We don’t want these experiences to go unnoticed and have created this page to highlight individuals in our organization that are setting the standard for what exceptional member experiences should be, each and every time.

Join us in celebrating our commitment to the ultimate member experience and read about this month's, and prior month's, member experience highlights!


Highlight of the Week

Sear has been with the Orem office since February. Sear received a call from a member that was close to cancelling his membership with the payer's health plan because of a standing order issue that, unfortunately, hadn't been resolved. After spending over 20 minutes on the phone with this member, Sear was able to get all the members concerns taken care of. Sear treated the member with "respect and dignity and was extremely helpful throughout the entire call".  Thanks to his attentive manner in handling the call, he also saved the member from terminating their service!

IMG_5506 (1).JPG

Congratulations to Sear for being our WOW! Experience Highlight of the Week.

February 2017 Highlight of the Month

IMG_6977 (1).JPG

Christina has been with the Ronkonkoma office since October 2015. We received an email from a plan letting us know that one of our member had missed her doctor's appointment the day before. The member also had an appointment that day, but was told we were unable to find a provider, so we had to cancel the trip. All of this information was forwarded to Christina to see if there was anything we could do about that day's trip. After looking into it further, she stated that she could get it covered. Christina called the member and explained that she was able to get the trip covered if she still needed to go to the doctor. The member let Christina know that she had already cancelled her appointment, but that she needed to go if at all possible. That is when Christina took it upon herself to call the doctor's office directly and got the members appointment rescheduled! She called the member back and she was extremely happy and grateful that she was able to make it to her appointment. 

Christina took full responsibility to ensure that the member was able to make it to her doctor's appointment and the member was so appreciative of her. 

Congratulations to Christina, our February WOW! Experience Highlight of the Month.